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Good Content Improves Response
What You Say Makes All The Difference

The first step of any good marketing is having something good to say. The fact is most business owners don’t spend much time in the thought process. That is they haven’t taken the time to really decipher why people do business with them.

Many business owners throw money at advertising trying to use catchy words or trick phrases to try and sell. “Our product is the best on the market” ... “Our service is outstanding” … ‘We go the extra mile”  Blah... Blah… Blah... They all echo and sound the same. They are indistinguishable from each other. How can you be different?

Being Unique A Principle That Governs Good Marketing.

You need to know why your product or service is different from your competitors. Not better, but different. A good area to illustrate this point is in politics. All politicians running for office have the same basic principles. The way they stand out is to find the small areas that they differ and spin them to their advantage.

Taxes are an area where politicians differ. One spins they want you to keep your hard earned money, the other side spins the need to support the less fortunate and the underprivileged. Regardless of your political views note that both sides have something good to say that appeals to a specific target audience.

Distinguish Yourself And Get Attention.

Knowing why your product or service is DIFFERENT from competitors makes it easy to stand out from the crowd. Now find something good to say about it.  Don’t talk about your product; talk about why your product is DIFFERENT and why that difference is good.

Now you’re separating yourself from your competitors and unless they combat your differences with their own marketing efforts you will dominate the market.  The good news is very few of your competitors’ will. So don't be like them and ignore this newsletter, this is your ticket to improving the response to your marketing.

You Take Action and Win.

So, think about it right now. Do you have something different to say? This difference needs to be the corner stone of all your marketing and advertising. You need to be consistent and unwavering in defining and spinning your core differentiates.  Creating something that’s DIFFERENT and unique, unparalleled and of genuine value leads your prospects to conclude that you’re the company they want to do business with. 

This is the first in a series of newsletters that will help you get the most from your marketing dollars. If you need help distinguishing your business from your competitors set up a free one-on-one consultation with one of our marketing professionals here at NHB and get some fresh ideas on how to better your results. Call 877-226-6400


Fort Myers Web, Fort Myers, Florida
6225 Presidential Court 120C
Fort Myers, FL 33919